Anderson-Garcia Construction

Our vision is based on the idea that home and workspaces should be beautiful, and ought to mirror your personality and cater to your lifestyle. Our firm explores every option the market has to offer, and presents our clients with a wide array of alternatives to choose from in order to create new, inviting spaces while adhering to their budget.  

Our in-house team of employees guarantees great work: master carpenters, electricians, plumbers and painters. We also sub-contract with Boulder and Denver's best. We believe that offering a stable work environment for our employees yields the best results for our customers, and so does offering quality options for every project. We work with the architects at Creative West, Building Collective and Olson Studios, and welcome the opportunity to work with your team!
About our company….
Meet our owners...
Rodrigo has been living in Boulder for the last seventeen years. Married and with four children, his free time is spent traveling with his wife, Valentina, and their kids. They love snorkeling in the Caribbean, visiting friends and family in South America, driving through Europe, playing soccer and hosting dinner parties at their house in Boulder. 

Aside from spending time with his grandkids, Daniel Garcia is known to be Anderson-Garcia's eyes and ears at every job-site. Having owned and operated a large and successful construction company in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Daniel moved to Boulder for the peace and quiet of the foothills in 2007. An avid world traveller, Daniel travels with his wife, Susi, a few times a year. From Egypt, Greece and Turkey, to the Caribbean, he is constantly exposed to amazing architecture, building and design. 

Rodrigo has unsurpassed experience in developing, founding and operating businesses in our community. Since 2010 Rodrigo has focused his time and energy on growing AGC and Boulder Snow Removal & Landscaping, which was founded in 2005. Since then both companies have become top contenders in the local construction, remodeling, snow-removal & landscaping industries. Combined, Rodrigo & Daniel have over 20 years in building experience. 

Rodrigo Garcia
Daniel Garcia
Rodrigo and his family in Boulder, CO